Efekt cegły na ścianie - szablon i tynk dekoracyjny MITECH DEKOMASA

Product training with Dach Styl company

On 9th November we organised a training for the construction staff of Dach Styl company. At the meeting we presented […]

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New website release

We invite you to browse our new website. Here you will find a wide range of construction chemistry products and […]

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Runmageddon doesn’t scare us

On Saturday we faced the ferocious obstacle course of the Mountain Runmageddon at Kocierz. The organisers provided a lot of […]

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Mosaic render colour fan deck

We are presenting a colour fan deck of our mosaic renders/plasters. This handy form of presenting the range of colours […]

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Modern decorative techniques

We are glad to provide you with a wide range of products for modern façade and interior decoration. Mitech materials […]

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Biosystem Certificate

  Mitech carries out the obligations to perform a public educational campaign imposed by the law on packaging and waste […]

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